Our Mission

Teens of Pink Ribbon®  is dedicated to advancing awareness and education about cancer, genetics, lifestyle choices, prevention, treatments, and technological innovations to teens and adults, as well as fundraising to support local medical facilities and resources.


Teens of Pink Ribbon® was founded in 2014 by Fern Duberman, a Boca Raton resident, interior designer, and cancer awareness advocate. With Fern’s guidance, TOPR has evolved into a network of teens and adults committed to wellness, education, and fundraising, illuminating the resources within the community.

TOPR Clubs Are In These Schools:

  • Spanish River High School
  • Boca High
  • Olympic Heights High School
  • Donna Klein Jewish Academy
  • Katz Yeshiva High School
  • St. Andrews High School
  • Pine Crest High School

TOPR Club Members Testimonials:

"I am part of TOPR because I personally, as well as many others, have been affected by cancer in close family and friends and until TOPR, I had never heard of a group raising awareness among teens."
— Sydney Levine, Donna Klein Jewish Academy

"I am a TOPR because I think it is critical that teenagers understand the early signs of certain diseases, such as cancer and different ways to prevent them such as exercise and a healthy diet. With this knowledge I want to be able to help my family members, my friends and I who are at risk for these diseases. Ultimately, I want to help and others and myself to live a long and happy life."
— Sophie Gorup, St. Andrews High School


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